Per title, the GUI uses all my bandwidth and I can't browse anymore or use another application that requires internet connection. How do I resolve this?

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monerod takes a lot of bandwidth during the initial sync. If you're unable to browse or use any applications that require internet connection, you can limit monerod's bandwidth as follows:

  1. Go to the Settings page of the GUI.

  2. Look for the daemon startup flags box.

  3. Add this line -> --limit-rate 500

  4. Exit the GUI and make sure to stop the daemon as well.

  5. Restart the GUI + daemon.

Step 4 & 5 are needed for the flag from step 3 to take effect. Note that --limit-rate 500 will limit the bandwidth to 500 kB/s. Note that you can tweak the parameter / flag yourself by adjusting the value.

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