Monero is getting subaddresses soon. How are integrated addresses built upon those?

I'm trying the standard algorithm, using netbyte 0x35 (I'm on testnet) but the wallet rejects them as invalid.


  • subaddress: BdZHh8j3gieLUtCWEQqQWRbakvLCvffrfMkUALrrAi2gHMrwfRzeeqHM2ZMCPzpqhg5ZsgHJQmAev3i7epY6yV7NJYQNfWf
  • PID: c28347cea0f01641
  • IA: 4Ghh5chLvwtLUtCWEQqQWRbakvLCvffrfMkUALrrAi2gHMrwfRzeeqHM2ZMCPzpqhg5ZsgHJQmAev3i7epY6yV7NT44nkedwuth8Mp7yns

However, with my algorithm and also with the address tester at https://xmr.llcoins.net/addresstests.html the base address computed back from the IA is: 47124osrKgNLUtCWEQqQWRbakvLCvffrfMkUALrrAi2gHMrwfRzeeqHM2ZMCPzpqhg5ZsgHJQmAev3i7epY6yV7NJZKb2gx

Before I dig into the source, can someone tell me if there are some rules I must follow when making IAs, or this is just not possible?

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You don't. Subaddresses also solve the problem integrated addresses were designed for (allowing source identification in a single address). Since you can now generate a subaddress per source/client/customer, you don't need to assign a payment id anymore, so the ability to make integrated subaddresses was not added.

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