I'm pretty sure I need to get my wallet address in this format:


If I enter just my XMR wallet address into the "wallet address" field, and then run the miner I get a "SOCKET ERROR - no login/password specified"

I already have an XMR wallet set up, so I have my XMR address, but the rest of the line I don't know where to find

I'm not really sure how much difference which pool I join makes, but I found this pool on moneropools.com and I wanted to join it. They have a login button but no sign up button anywhere.

I'm not particularly locked in to choosing this pool, but I've checked many others and none seem to give me a worker ID or payment ID.

What am I missing?

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Usually you don't need a Payment ID anymore nowadays for new Wallet addresses. The Payment ID is now included in your Wallet address.

Worker ID is a label you can assign freely. Like MyWorker1.

Pool password is usally just x

So the whole string should look like:

"pool_address" : "xmr-eu1.nanopool.org:14444",
"wallet_address" : "46bNjyPKJU4hjT4xJTjzALb6Ck8xZjDBcewwKBp8Uk3P4WE6F21t2gTi5P58WQwJ6dHPUNicGWx6N9fjH55DCBkz4g3S9eQ.MyWorker1/[email protected]",
"pool_password" : "x",

Some pools may have different configurations tho. Some - like XMRPool.net - require you to append a fixed difficulty level to your wallet address. Like your_wallet_address.workerId+difficulty/[email protected]

Please also look at the examples on the page you linked. Scroll down to The moment.

The Login is usually Your_Wallet_Address and the password is [email protected].

  • The "x" in pool password solved my issue. I didn't realize that the worker ID was user defined. Thank you for the extremely clear example
    – Nexion21
    Commented Oct 30, 2017 at 4:20

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