I tried to change... //std::string const GENESIS_TX = "013c01ff0001ffffffffffff03029b2e4c0281c0b02e7c53291a94d1d0cbff8883f8024f5142ee494ffbbd08807121017767aafcde9be00dcfd098715ebcf7f410daebc582fda69d24a28e9d0bc890d1"; std::string const GENESIS_TX = "021e01ff0001ffffffffffff03029b2e4c0281c0b02e7c53291a94d1d0cbff8883f8024f5142ee494ffbbd08807121017767aafcde9be00dcfd098715ebcf7f410daebc582fda69d24a28e9d0bc890d1"; I changed the version and the unlock time, but when i begin the deamon, show me this: enter image description here

Any help? I need to change that to create a new genesis block...

Thank you!!

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