I'm trying to compile bytecoin core and when it gets at 31% when trying to compile BlockchainExplorer.cpp I get this error:

../src/BlockchainExplorer/BlockchainExplorer.cpp: In constructor ‘CryptoNote::BlockchainExplorer::BlockchainExplorer(CryptoNote::INode&, Logging::ILogger&)’: ../src/BlockchainExplorer/BlockchainExplorer.cpp:149:1: error: ‘CryptoNote::BlockchainExplorer::database’ is initialized with itself [-Werror=init-self] BlockchainExplorer::BlockchainExplorer(INode& node, Logging::ILogger& logger) : ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

How can I fix this problem?


  • Can you paste the source line in question, as well as a few lines before and after it for context ? I think the solution is simple, but I'd like to make sure my assumption matches the reality of the source. – user36303 Oct 14 '17 at 14:50

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