Withdrew coins from Bter.com exchange to Monero Wallet GUI, but the balance not appearing in Monero Wallet GUI 11.

My balance still shows 0.


  • I'm now trying something new... Deleting the database at .bitmonero/lmdb/data.mdb – Taylor Oct 2 '17 at 9:41
  • Can you first verify whether your transaction actually arrived. You can use this guide: monero.stackexchange.com/questions/6137/… – dEBRUYNE Oct 3 '17 at 9:54
  • @dEBRUYNE Yes, the transaction arrived, however Monero Wallet GUI 11 still shows 0 balance. – Taylor Oct 5 '17 at 6:17
  • If deleting the wallet cache doesn't work, try to restore with the 25 word mnemonic seed. As restore height you can use 1400000. Let me know if it works. – dEBRUYNE Oct 5 '17 at 9:06
  • 1
    Magically today it appeared! Simply opened the wallet and before it even finished syncing the balance was there (even though still says syncing). Thanks for the help. – Taylor Oct 7 '17 at 10:07

Try mymonero first, maybe your local data was not updated.


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