There are so many monero related IRC channels. Which one should I use for which topic?

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In general, you can always start out on #monero, and people will point you in the right direction if another channel seems more useful. However, if you don't feel like checking in the #monero channel first, please use this guide:

For questions and discussions related to the:

use of the monero software as it exists in the release binaries and general discussions about monero, use #monero

mining of monero, use #monero-pools

trade of monero for other currencies, use #monero-markets

discussion of monero activism, use #monero-community

use of the mymonero.com web wallet, use #mymonero

active writing, modification, debugging of existing code in the github repository, use #monero-dev

active research of features that may end up being used in Monero, use #monero-research-lab

general chat with other monerians about things that aren't monero, #monero-offtopic

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