I'm running a regular node on a VPS (interacts with rpc wallet via PHP), and would like to use the same VPS as a remote node for my GUI wallet. Are there any security concerns if I do this? These are the two commands I'd use for the daemons:

For the regular node:

./monerod --rpc-bind-ip --rpc-bind-port 18081

The second instance I'd use to connect to from an external GUI wallet:

./monerod --rpc-bind-ip <external.ip.of.node> --restricted-rpc --confirm-external-bind

Finally, in the second instance, is there any security risk to using --rpc-bind-ip instead of --rpc-bind-ip <external.ip.of.node>?

  • It mainly depends on your threat model. Generally there's no high risk to have one instance of monerod and at the same time monero-wallet-rpc. At the same time, if any critical issues (e.g. RCE) are discovered, your machine will be put at risk. Try to figure out what a malicious actor can do once entered in your VPS.
    – SerHack
    Jul 7, 2021 at 9:05


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