I have compiled cryptonote fork on two different Azure Ubuntu 14.0.4 machines. When I try and run the daemon o get this: MYIP:MYPORT failed: TcpConnector::connect, connection failed

I think It has to do with the seed nodes configuration, what should I have there? The addresses and ports of one of them? local host?

Currently, I have the two instances running the same daemon with the IP and PORT of one of them.

P.s All ports are allowed in the FireWall both in and out


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Not sure for exact details but:

  • try set seed=localhost on the first, and seed=node1 on the other
  • be sure to change all the ports not to clash with existing CN cryptocurrencies
  • be sure to change address prefix not to clash with existing CN cryptocurrencies
  • if there are some check-points like embedded hashes in the source, you'd need to tweak those as well
  • Your node needs to get some initial list of nodes to connect to. Any node can be a seed node. It's the one you fetch the list of other nodes from and try to connect to them
    – JollyMort
    Jul 25, 2017 at 19:54

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