Aeon is the cleanest fork of Monero and shares a developer and some community members. Are there any exchanges where Monero can be traded for Aeon directly without the need to use Bitcoin as an intermediary currency for the exchange?

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Currently there are two exchanges that offer direct XMR/AEON conversion each with its own limitations/warnings. The third option would be direct OTC trades (optionally with an escrow agent to reduce risk).

  1. Cryptopia offers the most XMR trading pairs of any exchange including an XMR/AEON pair. Its current limitation is very low trading volume compared to the Poloniex (first exchange that offered Monero trading pairs including XMR/AEON previously).
  2. Changelly operates in a manner similar to Shapeshift but unlike Shapeshift offers Aeon trading and direct XMR/AEON conversion. It receives a large level of distrust within the Monero community due to its connection with Minergate
  3. There is a Bitcointalk thread designed to connect buyers and sellers hoping to arrange OTC trades. IRC trading at ​#monero-otc is another option
  4. LocalMonero also provides an OTC platform for XMR/AEON trades.

The centralized exchange with the most Aeon volume is Bittrex. It was not mentioned in my answer above because they do not offer a XMR/AEON trading pair. Bittrex does offer both a BTC/XMR trading pair and a BTC/AEON trading pair.

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