When I type print_cn into the daemon, I see a lot of OUT and IN entries.

Does OUT mean that I am sending information OUT to that peer, or is that peer sending information to me? Or is it a two-way connection? If I see an IN connection, is that connection connecting to me?

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It's a two way connection, the IN refers to connections initiated by the peer, and OUT refers to connections initiated by your node, but communication is duplex.

In that status command, the X+Y part is X OUT connections and Y in connections. You're connected to all of these nodes, the only difference is which side initiated the connection.


Pretty sure that's how it works. You can also use the command "status" and you'll see at the end of the line a number like "8+1" this shows the number of nodes you are connected to, and after the + shows the number of nodes you are serving.

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