I have downloaded Monero Command Line Interface on Tails and I tried connecting it to a remote node with this command as described here: https://github.com/monero-project/monero


sudo iptables -I OUTPUT 2 -p tcp -d -m tcp --dport 18081 -j ACCEPT

It succeded!

But when I ran this command, I got this error!

DNS_PUBLIC=tcp TORSOCKS_ALLOW_INBOUND=1 torsocks ./monerod --p2p-bind-ip --no-igd --rpc-bind-ip --rpc-port-ip 18081 --confirm-external-bind

It shows that it failed to bind the server

I spent hours trying connecting it to remote node but failed to do so. Please explain me how should I connect my walla et to remote node.


Many remote node servers use the port 18089 as explained on Connecting to the remote node from the wallet, so you should try using that port.

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