Before I go further, I'll point out:

  1. This is procedure could put one's privacy at risk.
  2. This would cause a tx to fail more often in the case of a chain reorg.
  3. There's likely more than two consequences of doing this. (Feel free to point them out.)

Let's say I'm comfortable with cloning the git repo and building Monero from the source code. Let's also say that I want to experiment with the occasional item here and there, and my current curiosity is the 10-block lock time. What variable(s) in the code requires editing to change this value? Further, in what file(s) can I find where this variable is set?

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All that's required is to change one line of code in the cryptonote_config.h:


and build with the new value.

  • I guess it's worth noting that this is unwise in common practice, at least for transacting on mainnet. Commented Aug 10, 2018 at 15:35

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