I have just started mining and I found that every miner that I download is not running, blocked by chrome, or blocked by antivirus. Right now I'm using minergate and I don't like it. I want some mining software. Please don't tell the ones on Linux because my cpu (ryzen) isn't supported by Linux, any Linux. I don't care if it is cli or gui. Thanks.

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Many are getting falsely flagged by antiviruses because the code from them has been copied over to some worms which also mine Monero on infected machines.

There's a nice list and guide here


You can use any miner which supports cryptonight algorithm. ccminer, cpuminer comes to mind, both supports cryptonight. Minergate's miner is actually a moded cgminer, and their blog is actually quite helpful, but there are suspicions that their software is skimming hash rates, I personally don't use any closed source miners. The ultimate solution would be running Linux, just wait a couple of months till the proper firmware from AMD and new kernels get released then you can try again.

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