I watch monero cli easy video on youtube by GingerAle.I did everythig like this video except that I used monero-wallet-cli.exe --daemon-host (moneroworld random nodes ip):18089 --trusted-daemon.I think it works properly and syncing completed .But just like in video (Error mining has not been started :possibly lost conection to daemon ), I get this message .Although monerowallet.cli.exe finished syncing ,monerod is continued syncing eg .- - - - -/- - - - - -that consume much data.I don't know am i mining or not yet . what should I do ,pls?Btw I just a beginner .


Apparently you are trying to start mining on a random remote node.

When you connect your wallet to a remote node and enter the start_mining command, you are in fact asking the remote Monero daemon to start solo mining and sending the reward to your address if it finds a block. Obviously, the owner of the remote node will not allow random stranger's wallets to use his computing power (by starting his Monero daemon with the --restricted-rpc option).

The start_mining command will only work if your wallet is connected (with the --trusted-daemon option) to one of your own Monero daemons (i.e. started without the --restricted-rpc option, and not openly accessible from the whole internet).

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  • glv , your reply opens my knowledge ,it's great .To get a daemon full node by myself is so hard because my country internet charge is expensive ,and it'll take too long .What should I do ?pls to continue to mine monero.Do I need to run full nodes?I've mined in minergate software 2 weeks ago .It's very easy but it cost me so much bandwidth ,abt 200MB/hr.So I try this . with regards – Thettinaung Jun 20 '17 at 14:13
  • Reading more threads ,I come to know that remote nodes are used for transaction , checking balance and other ,not for start mining .Right? I may be wrong . – Thettinaung Jun 21 '17 at 7:31
  • If you want to mine without having your own node, you will have to use a mining pool. The pools usually have a page with info on what mining software you can use (for example monero.crypto-pool.fr/#getting_started). – glv Jun 21 '17 at 8:28

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