Using the command line I know how to transfer <mix> <address> <amount>, but is there a way to do this from multiple wallets in one command?

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monero-wallet-cli is designed to control one wallet at a time. For security reasons this is a strength.

Ask yourself why you need to do this. It is likely integrated addresses, payment ids or disposable addresses can serve the same (account management) purpose and only require one wallet.

  • thx, i was just curious .. I've been using transfer and sweep_all and have been testing with multiple wallets.
    – farinspace
    Commented Jun 12, 2017 at 15:39

Although it is not possible with any current wallet implementation that I know of, it is certainly technically possible to write your own code to construct a transaction that spends outputs that span multiple wallets.

This is because each output has a unique private key, and if you know the output private keys for a set of inputs it does not matter at all what wallet addresses those outputs were sent to.

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