After few hours of trying, I'm unable to run:

monerod --start-service --data-dir x:\mydir\monerodir

Prior this, service is installed with monerod --install-service and this part goes fine.

Also, I'm tryed to run monerod with custom config file:

monerod --config-file x:\mydir\bitmonero.conf

and this also does not capture any settings from config file in which is:

data-dir x:\mydir\monerodir

ver is: 'Wolfram Warptangent' (v0.10.3.1-release)

Please for help about this, and I will appreciate some proved recipe.

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You can do this on Windows using NTSF symlinks:

Open an elevated CMD window. Then:

mklink /D "C:\ProgramData\bitmonero" "x:\mydir\monerodir"

Then you don't need to specify any other command line options when starting the monero daemon.


Open an elevated command prompt to install as a service and pass your additional parameters at that time

monerod --install-service --data-dir x:\mydir\monerodir

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