In Mininero's code, there are two functions that seem to derive monero addresses, getAddr and getAddrMM, but only the former agrees with the address provided by monero-wallet-cli.

What is getAddrMM, and why is it there?

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MM is probably an abbreviation for MyMonero. Note that, in comparison with the standard private view key, the private view key of MyMonero accounts are derived differently. That is:

MyMonero Style – This is similar to 2., but uses a 13 word seed instead of a 25 word seed. The 13 words convert to a 128-bit integer that is used for both spend and view key derivation, in the following form: the 128-bit integer is hashed with Keccak-256 to produce a 256-bit integer, a. a is sent to sc_reduce32, which returns the Private Spend Key. a is hashed once more with Keccak-256 to produce a second 256-bit integer, b. b is then sent to sc_reduce32, which returns the Private View Key. You may have noticed a critical difference between this style and the Electrum Style: MyMonero's Private View Key derivation is done by hashing random integer a, while Electrum Style derivation is done by hashing the Private Spend Key. This means that 13 and 25 word seeds are not compatible – it is not possible to create an Electrum Style seed (and account) that matches a MyMonero Style seed (and account) or vice versa; the view keypair will always be different. You can test out this style above with the "Random MyMonero" button. To backup MyMonero accounts, save the 13 word seed; you can currently "restore" using MyMonero only (you're really just logging in) – Simplewallet does not currently support 13-word seeds.

Hence, MiniNero uses two different functions to derive Monero addresses. Lastly, note that simplewallet was renamed to monero-wallet-cli.

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