Tail emission in Monero is implemented in cryptonote_basic_impl.cpp, but I don't see it in Aeon's counterpart. Will it be added to Aeon in the future?

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There appears to be a community consensus for an AEON tail emission based on what I have seen on Bitcointalk, Reddit and IRC. I think most AEON users consider tail emission to be part of the AEON roadmap. Other users at various times have had the false impression that it has already been implemented. However its implementation has not yet formalized or codified.

One proposal being considered by AEON core developer Smooth is described as follows:

Once the base reward declines below 0.3/minute, then reward will switch to inflationary at a target rate of 0.8888888....%/year (actual rate may deviate slightly in practice due to variations in block rate, block reward penalty, rounding, etc.)

The above proposal is similar but not identical to the system used by Monero where the reward is set to a pace of 0.3 XMR per minute (.6XMR per block with an average block time of 2 minutes).


Late into 2017, during the code rebase bounty discussions, contrary to the earlier coined 0.8888…% inflation rate per year, it seems there’s growing consensus to actually adopt the same tail emission rate of 0.3 AEON per minute (thus 1.2 AEON per 4-minute block), which proposal was posted on Reddit by smooth_xmr.

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