I had 5 monero (XMR) in my wallet yesterday, made up a single 5 XMR output. This morning I sent this wallet 20.5 XMR, so now I have 25.5 XMR total.

Now I want to "churn" the recently received 20.5 XMR input (whether needed or not), so I created a transfer transaction to send 20 XMR to myself. monero-wallet-cli asked me if it was okay to use the 20.5 XMR output and the 5 XMR output as inputs to the transaction.

It asked me if this was okay, and I said it was not, so the transaction canceled. I retried several times, and it always gives me the same mix. I don't want a mix of outputs at all. I want to just send the 20.5 output only. Is there a way to do this? I would expect that a second try or third try would change the output selection, but it didn't.

(I'm wondering if there will be a way in the future, but it's just not yet coded. Would I create a github issue in that case?)


For your particular case: use the latest version of monero-wallet-cli, and set min-outputs-count 1000. This will tell the wallet to not include a second unneeded input. However, your transaction will look different from the majority of other transactions, which tend to have 2 inputs. As this new code gets used more and more though, there will be a good mix of 1 and 2 input transactions.

In the general case, though, it is more complicated, and depends on the amount sent and your particular owned output set (and I won't go into details because it's complicated, not really relevant, and subject to change). Sometimes there will be a random selection, and sometimes not.

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