Has anyone tried implementing a wrapper between a wallet generator written in C/C++, like wallet2.cpp, using NDK (android native development kit) to communicate back to an android app?

Does anyone have a better idea to generate a new wallet from an android phone (locally)?

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monero-wallet-gui can be seen as a "wrapper" for wallet2.cpp, and it can be built for android with NDK.

Alternatively, monero-wallet-cli can also be built with android NDK, but you would need a terminal emulator to run it (except if you use adb ), so better to just use the provided arm binaries.

Finally, if it's only about generating keys, you can use a web page, like moneromooo's wallet generator but stored locally.

Edit: i may have misread the question

Android java apps can use JNI to have an instance of WalletManager and call WalletManager::createWallet.

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    I liked the idea running a web page and do it through Android java interfacing to JavaScript. However, that may require to enable Javacript (if it's done through WebView) and that would make more vulnerable the app. I also though about generating the keys via a server (not very decentralize) and return the keys back to the user. But this will also create a layer of vulnerability that I dont like. I'm still analyzing all the options I have for building a mobile wallet. What's Feasible and what's not. Commented Mar 30, 2017 at 20:12
  • You can access wallet c++ functions from java and vice versa with JNI. See this from Qt android maintainer Commented Mar 31, 2017 at 1:56

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