The community recently changed from using the term mixin for ring signatures to using ringsize. Are these terms used interchangeably, or are there some differences between these two terms?

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There is a small difference. In summary, ringsize will always equal mixin + 1. So, a mixin of 2 is the same as a ringsize of 3.

Mixin refers to the number of other inputs used in a ring signature that you do not control.

Ringsize refers to the number of total inputs used in a ring signature, including ones you control.


1, the difference is 1 :)

They both refer to the same thing - number of public keys which make the ring signature, however:

  • ringsize includes the one-time public key belonging to the originating wallet
  • mixin doesn't, and refers only to foreign one-time public keys

So, ringsize = mixin + 1.

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