I downloaded a recent (pre-)alpha build on my RPi3 (Raspbian Lite - Jessie 8.0) using wget. It installed fine and runs. The problem is it never actually connects to peers.

I get only warnings and errors. After hours and hours, it's still the same messages.

Are there some tests I can try to ensure there is nothing wrong with my system? Are there system processes that are taken for granted to be running correctly that perhaps I can look into?

(Note that I've run the Java I2P router from another computer on this network, so I would think it's not router/firewall related.)

  • "The problem is it never actually connects to peers" : how do you know that ? ;) Commented Mar 30, 2017 at 18:43

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Your best bet is to open an issue on Kovri's GitHub repository. Stack Exchange isn't the best location to do back-and-forth troubleshooting.


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