I saw in this question that there are hard coded reseed servers.

How does it work exactly ?

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Indeed, the question cited refers to a list of url. The reseed process starts with choosing randomly one of them.

So let's assume that the choosen URL is : https://i2p.mooo.com/netDb/. Here are the next steps :

  • Download an SU3 file, which must be named i2pseeds.su3 and located at the root :

    curl -k -A "Wget/1.11.4" https://i2p.mooo.com/netDb/i2pseeds.su3 > i2pseeds.su3
  • Check Signature and type:

    java -jar lib/i2p.jar su3file showversion i2pseeds.su3


    kovri-util su3file showversion i2pseeds.su3
  • Extract the included file :

    java -jar lib/i2p.jar su3file extract i2pseeds.su3 i2pseeds.zip


     kovri-util su3file extract i2pseeds.su3 i2pseeds.zip
  • Unzip :

     mkdir tmp && cd tmp && unzip ../i2pseeds.zip

At this point, you should see a list of files whose name looks like routerInfo-(44 character base 64 router hash).dat

Each file can be inspected with :

kovri-util routerinfo <filename>


java -jar lib/router.jar routerinfo <filename>

These are the informations needed to start contacting other peers in the I2P network.

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