To the best of my knowledge Monero only has two forks, AEON and BipCoin

AEON was forked from Monero prior to the introduction of its testnet function although its lead developer plans to change that as part of the AEON roadmap

There is not a testnet because the work that was done to create a testnet function in Monero was after the AEON fork. We'll have one once we switch over to the newer code base.

I can find no mention of a public testnet for Bipcoin.

Are there any Monero forks or other CryptoNote coins with a public testnet or is Monero unique in that regard?

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I am not aware of any other Monero forks besides the two that you mentioned.

There are other CryptoNote currencies but I am not aware of any that have a public testnet. The level of community and developer interest in most other CryptoNote projects is minuscule compared to Monero. Most CryptoNote coins were originally forked from Bytecoin with development severely lagging behind Monero. It would surprise me if any of them had a public testnet with much use.

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