Very recently smooth_xmr said:

You might try the experimental pruning branch, which has been updated to (I don't have the link for the instructions, maybe someone else knows it?)

The download link on Aeon.cash leads to the GitHub release page but I cannot seem to locate the pruning branch.

Where can I find the newly updated pruning branch referenced by Smooth?

Does it have install instructions available?

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As the post indicated the pruning branch is still considered experimental. Therefore it resides in another GitHub repository found here. I have included a summary of the instructions smooth provided upon releasing the pruning branch which should still be accurate today

Clone from GitHub:

git clone https://github.com/iamsmooth/aeon light-node cd light-node git checkout light-node



Copy your blockchain.bin file to blockchain-pruned.bin in the same location. Save the unpruned copy as a backup and in case you experience problems with the pruning branch.

Start your node with --pruning option. Then exit to save the pruning branch and reset RAM. Then start with --pruning again and run as normal.

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