So I finally setup my own Monero full node, and forwarded the port 18080 to my internal host.

How can I check in the monerod log output that the node allows incoming connections?

How long does it take to be listed in the Monero nodes list? https://monerohash.com/nodes-distribution.html

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you can check with command print_cn in monero daemon. If it shows connections with prefix IN (for Incoming), you are running succesfully a node which handles incomming conections


You can type the command status in monerod. This will show something like the following, in green:

Height: 1226605/1226605 (100.0%) on mainnet, not mining, net hash 51.39 MH/s, v4, up to date, 8+6 connections

The first number in the 8+6 connections part refers to the number of outgoing connections. The second number refers to the number of incoming connections.

If you see a positive number after the plus (+) sign, then your node is allowing incoming connections. In the example above, 6 incoming users are connected to my node. If it showed 8+0 instead, I would have no incoming connections on my node and it is probably not set up properly to allow incoming connections.

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