I downloaded Wolfs OpenCL miner (github) and made a .bat file to start it. I noticed that it uses the CPU as well (and on the cmd output it says Capeverde 200h/s and then 50 h/s for 2 cpu cores total 300h/s). When using the miner the CPU usage gets to 50%. How can i disable the CPU mining? Maybe pass something from the .bat file? Im using windows.

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Configuration is done in the file "xmr.conf".

Index "-1" is used for the CPU.

You can disable CPU mining by setting "threads": 0 in the section with "index": -1

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    This is all noted in the README.md.
    – hyc
    Jan 4, 2017 at 23:55

Open up the xmr.conf file in a text editor such as notepad.

Edit the part which says "index": -1 as follows, changing the thread count from the default of 2 to 0:

"index": -1,
"threads": 0,
"rawintensity": 16
"worksize": 16

A screenshot of an example .conf file is below, with the highlighted change.


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