What do I need to acquire in order to configure a mining pool? I want to make a "charity pool", where part of the pool fee will be donated to a charity voted upon by the miners. I really want to get this going. I need to know what resources I need and how much running a pool will cost for say 6 months. Please be specific! And if you want to get involved let me know, I could use help.


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If you have limited linux skills, i suggest you try Monerodo, which is an ubuntu with a bunch of monero software pre-installed, including a pool software.

Otherwise, you can start looking at zone117x node-cryptonote-pool.

Either way, you will have to tweak the software to implement the "voting" part.

As to the cost, it can be as free as submitting a PR :)

It is not easy to attract miners. So if your goal is not financial (nothing wrong with that) it is probably the most efficient way.

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