I’m new to Monero. I’ve got three Macs setup as nodes mining through monero-cli-wallet and a windows machine which I have configured for pool mining. On the advice of many threads I selected a smaller pool (https://moneroworld.com/#) and followed the instructions there to get my Windows PC connected to the pool with CPU and GPU miners. All seems to be going well in about a week I’ll have enough XMR to actually get a payout ;-)

What I would like to do is contribute my three Macs to the pool (all running Mac OS Sierra 10.12.2). I looked at all of the other pools help pages to see if they had easy Mac setup but it appears the only open-source way is to compile Wolf’s cpuminer-multi from GitHub. I have not been able to compile it successfully. I managed to get the dependencies installed without issue (jansson from GitHub - yes I know it is included in the cpuminer-multi tree but I wanted to see if I could at least install something from source off of GitHub; and Curl through Home-Brew ).

The instructions I am following are:

git clone https://github.com/wolf9466/cpuminer-multi

cd cpuminer-multi


  1. I got 'aclocal' error so installed automaker via Home-Brew which seems to fix it
  2. Then got error ‘configure.ac:133: error: possibly undefined macro: AC_MSG_ERROR.If this token and others are legitimate, please use m4_pattern_allow. See the Autoconf documentation.’ Fixed with 'brew install pkgconfig'.

CFLAGS="-march=native" ./configure #seems to run fine with no errors reported that I can see

make #error: ‘make: No targets specified and no makefile found. Stop.’

Is there a some other syntax for the make command I need?

On another note, does Wolf’s AMD GPU miner work on Mac OS? Once I figure out my cpu miner-multi issues I’d like to tackle that if it runs ok as both my iMacs have AMD graphics cards?

Thanks for taking the time to read.



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I've had the same trouble as you. Thankfully there is an OSX fork by correcthorse that's worked for me:


It has the build instructions for OSX in the readme:

  • install Xcode from app store

  • install Xcode command line tools xcode-select --install

  • accept Xcode license sudo xcodebuild -license
  • install Homebrew /usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/master/install)"
  • brew install autoconf automake pkg-config
  • continue with Basic *nix instructions

Basic *nix build instructions:

  • ./autogen.sh # only needed if building from git repo

  • Optimal GCC flags are built in - you only need to use -march=native if you want it

  • CFLAGS="-march=native" ./configurec (Use -march=native if building for a single machine)
  • make

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