I have seen several Boolberry users report a wallet and daemon error similar to this one:


Error: transaction was rejected by daemon with status "Failed"


Transaction with id= used already spent key images [RPC1] Transaction verification failed:

I cannot find any GitHub pull requests that specifically fixed this. CryptoZoidberg said "I guess it happend because wallet was hard-closed without typing exit command."

This issue in all cryptonote family is a result of bad balanced CURRENCY_BLOCK_GRANTED_FULL_REWARD_ZONE constant.

What does a "bad balanced CURRENCY_BLOCK_GRANTED_FULL_REWARD_ZONE constant mean? Does Monero (as part of the CryptoNote family) share this problem?

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The issue sounds like a wallet has a wrong view of what outputs are spent. A fix would be to rescan the wallet (rescan_spent or rescan_bc in Monero's wallet, or delete the cache file).

The "full reward zone" is completely and entirely unrelated to potential wallet sync issues.

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