There have been discussions of adding hardware support for Monero, specifically for Trezor and Ledger wallet.

How much more entropy does a 9 digit pin (Trezor) offer compared to a 4 digit pin (Ledger Nano S)?

Will the 8 digit pin option planned for Ledger Bue also be made available for the Nano S in a future update?

Besides pin length what are some of the other primary differences in securing Monero (with unofficial Trezor firmware now and official firmware for both platforms when available) on Trezor compared to Ledger Nano S

Does either wallet support:

  1. Passwords in addition to a pin?
  2. Timeouts between pin/password attempts?
  3. Wiping of device after a certain number of incorrect pin/passwords attempts?
  4. Support for dummy accounts?
  5. Any other notable security features that differentiate one hardware wallet from the other?

How much more entropy does a 9 digit pin (Trezor) offer compared to a 4 digit pin (Ledger Nano S)?

Given entropy per symbol (0-9) is 3.322 source you get 13.328 for 4 digits and 29.898 for 9 digits. Thus you get 16.57 more bits of entropy with a 9 digit pin than a 4 digit pin.

With regards to all your other sub questions, the products are constantly evolving so it doesn't seem appropriate to do a tear-down comparison except to say official Ledger support for Monero looks far closer than the Trezor.

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