Until now users wishing to test the upcoming GUI had to build from source. Following these Monero development stalker instructions, I just noticed a new pull request which excited me.

Some relevant lines provide clues to its meaning:


+# Build libwallet if monero folder doesnt exist

There are also some 32bit specific lines:

+# Build monerod

+# win32 need to build daemon manually with msys2 toolchain

Does the above mean that soon the GUI will not require manually compiling monerod from source (with a win32 exception)? Is this pull request is indicative of something very late in the (pre-release) development lifecycle?

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GUI daemon manager is recently merged into monero-core. I.e you can start/stop local daemon from GUI. This PR basically means that monerod is getting built when you build the GUI. Unfortunately win32 still requires some manual work.

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