In the cryptonote paper review, there was a mention about not knowing how the constants were calculated, is there anyway to verify these constants are 'safe' or change them to something 'better'? please enlighten me :DD

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Although it wasn't clear to the reviewers at the time, the constants are standard ed25519 constants from DJB et al. You can read about it here, especially section "Choice of curve" starting on the bottom of page 7.

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    I feel like it's important to add that generally the fear with the parameter choices is that they might be 'backdoored' and so normal users will not be able to find x for x.G or whatever, but someone with some extra info due to the parameters will -- in this case, the parameters were chosen by a researcher (Dan Bernstein) rather than a big company/state organisation/whatever, so the risk is.. different -- it's not that there are really stronger and weaker parameters when it comes to the maths or anything :)
    – bekah
    Commented Dec 2, 2016 at 22:49

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