I was trying to send some testnet coins to myself to an old address that I posted in a comment in this post. You can see that xmr_eric was successful in sending me some coins at the time. So today I tried to copy the address from that comment I made into monero-wallet-cli and do

transfer 9z1N6pssDU3hvq9X6iqxk2g2e4tfc2WqfiMcKLR2dE8mZVjGN4yCKBD4QE8j‌​xNMMCabNQNzDKLUnZSgu‌​EMMr4YPSBcMuJ8p 1,

but then I get:

Error: wrong address: 9z1N6pssDU3hvq9X6iqxk2g2e4tfc2WqfiMcKLR2dE8mZVjGN4yCKBD4QE8j‌​xNMMCabNQNzDKLUnZSgu‌​EMMr4YPSBcMuJ8p...

I assume it is something that happens when copying from that particular SE comment. I tried from two different computers and the two wallets gave the same error. Actually, if I run exactly the same command, copying the address from inside the wallet itself:

transfer 9z1N6pssDU3hvq9X6iqxk2g2e4tfc2WqfiMcKLR2dE8mZVjGN4yCKBD4QE8j‌​xNMMCabNQNzDKLUnZSgu‌​EMMr4YPSBcMuJ8p 1

I get the normal response:

transfer 9z1N6pssDU3hvq9X6iqxk2g2e4tfc2WqfiMcKLR2dE8mZVjGN4yCKBD4QE8jxNMMCabNQNzDKLUnZSguEMMr4YPSBcMuJ8p 1 The transaction fee is 0.026000000000. Is this okay? (Y/Yes/N/No)n

I compared the two strings in a text editor, and they are visibly identical... And, sure enough, if I just type the address, character by character, then it works fine. Do you know what this could be?

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In the first two cases you have "\n" in the address.

9z1N6pssDU3hvq9X6iqxk2g2e4tfc2WqfiMcKLR2dE8mZVjGN4yCKBD4QE8j‌<\n>​ xNMMCabNQNzDKLUnZSgu‌​EMMr4YPSBcMuJ8p

  • For some reason, that doesn't show when I copy it to my text editor... but if you can see that, I bet that is the reason.
    – user141
    Commented Feb 16, 2017 at 20:23

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