Bitcoin and Ethereum seem to have meetups/convention every now an then, are there any plans to do this with monero?

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Silicon Valley Monero meetup just announced:



There is a meetup scheduled for the 17th of December in Johannesburg.

There have also been other suggestions for a monero meetup.

However, an official convention as not been discussed publicly AFAIK.


There was a MRL meetup in Utah back in 2014:

Over the weekend of the 8th and 9th of November 2014, the Monero Research Lab had a closed mini-meetup in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. In attendance were surae, sarang, and shen, as well as tewinget and fluffypony.

There also have been some informal Monero meetings at the Malla castle in Estonia.

Two delicious(?) Pizza were delivered to Malla Castle/Estonia ordered by MEW member Risto Pietila. The price was said to have been 10 XMR.

If you count Monero live presentations at Bitcoin related conventions, more examples can be given such as from the Amsterdam Bitcoinference in 2015 and the Arnhem Bitcoin in Use conference on may 28th 2016.


In addition to the meetings above, a new Monero London meetup group was recently announced on Reddit

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