Since only the first 3 characters for the English-language mnemonic matter, I prefer to reduce the words to just the first 3 letters only, for cold storage purposes. I would like to do this with a regular expression, to avoid manual errors.

What would be the shortest regular expression to do this? Note that I want a newline at the end. I will post my current solution, looking forward to see a shorter one.

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You can simply use (\w{3})\w* (example) or (?:^| )(\w{3}) (example), whatever you prefer. There are a lot of other solutions possible as well.

You didn't provide a language, hence my solution to generic regex outside of language implementations should be advantageous.

  • Indeed, I didn't specify a language. I especially like your 1st solution: echo "${MNEMONIC}" | ruby -e "puts ARGF.read.gsub(/(\w{3})\w*/,'\1')". Can't get the other one to work in Ruby though. Thanks also for the regex101.com examples.
    – dpzz
    Commented Nov 15, 2016 at 18:38

What I currently have:

echo $(echo "${MNEMONIC}" | tr " " "\n" | sed 's/^\(...\).*$/\1/' | tr "\n" " ")

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