Is there any information available about the Levin protocol?
It seems to be used for the peer to peer communication.

Things like:

  1. The working of the protocol?
  2. What are the benefits? Why was it chosen for Monero?
  3. Is it used in any other product?

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You may also see here for their repo docs.


I did find the following information:

  • Some information about the history you can find here.
  • It is part of the so called 'epee' library.
  • The creator is a Russian programmer called Andrey N. Sabelnikov, who seems to be well known for creating a botnet.
  • The original code is located on Github.
  • It doesn't seem to be used anywhere else besides some cryptocurrencies with a similar background as Monero.
  • On the site of the Boolberry cryptocurrency you can find some design information.

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