In addition to the Esperanto name Monero, the name Kovri was chosen for another Monero related project. Is there some deeper connection between the Esperanto and Monero communities? Or does part of the Monero community just like to use Esperanto vocabulary because of the project name?

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There is no official relationship. The Monero name was inherited from the original developer who never revealed any connection to the Esperanto community other than providing the definition:

Bitmonero = bit + monero monero = mono (money) + ero (bit) = coin (esperanto language)

There are some unnoficial connections such as an Esperantist named Kaja accepting Monero for Esperanto lessons and an attempt from longtime Monero user dnale0r to encourage more Monero users to begin learning the language


Esperanto means "one who hopes" and the language itself is an amalgam of other European languages in hopes to unite people under a common language. I think the philosophy kind of spills over into Monero a bit :)

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