Recently I was trying to install an Aeon node on a VPS, but people said it hasn't yet implemented LMDB, so it needs a great deal of RAM to properly work, so my 2GB RAM VPS wouldn't be enough. How much RAM or other system requirements are needed to run a fully functional Aeon node?

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It looks like it isn't using LMDB yet, because I only have a 3.5 GB blockchain.bin file in the ~/.aeon directory. I brew the software from HEAD, it says aeon v0.9.6.0().

With regard to memory, as far as I can tell, on my macOS system, aeond is using about 9 GB of memory. I have no idea whether this would prevent the daemon from running on a system with only 2 GB.

Update: I set up a Ubuntu (MATE) virtual machine and synchronized the Aeon blockchain using 6 GB of RAM. Reducing the amount of RAM ended up in the aeond daemon process getting killed. I am now running the VM without issues with 6 GB of RAM and solo-mining on 4 threads.


I'm running it on a micro instance on AWS with 1 GB of RAM. I did sync with 8 GB, and then commented out the autosave of the blockchain and recompiled and moved to a micro instance and added a bunch swap, but I think it would have worked by just initially commenting out autosave and adding swap as well.

I think just comment out this line in cryptonote_core.cpp: m_store_blockchain_interval.do_call(boost::bind(&blockchain_storage::store_blockchain, &m_blockchain_storage));

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