With Wolfram Warptangent, where did simpleminer go? Are there any special compilation flags that need to be set?


simpleminer has been removed.

You can either use the miner in the daemon/wallet or any of the mining programs found on https://monerohash.com/#getting_started


simpleminer was an obsolete program, and was removed.

It was inherited from the Cryptonote code, and it is thought to be using a Minergate protocol, though I don't think anyone's actually tried and lived to tell the tale.

If you want to pool mine, pick a miner in most pools' "Getting started" page, eg http://monero.crypto-pool.fr/#getting_started.

If you want to solo mine, run start_mining ADDRESS THREADS in the daemon (or just start_mining THREADS in the wallet), replacing ADDRESS by your Monero address, and THREADS by the number of threads to use. See Optimal number of threads when mining for more info on how to choose that value.

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