I do not like to give exchanges the address for my cold storage wallet so I would like to use a webwallet as an intermediary point.

If I request a withdrawal from an exchange to mymonero.com how many confirmations are required before than same Monero can be sent again to my cold storage address?

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Received monero can be respent after 10 blocks (see CRYPTONOTE_DEFAULT_TX_SPENDABLE_AGE). At two minutes a block targetted, that means approximately 20 minutes.


It will depend on the exchange since each exchange can set their own rules regarding withdrawals.

However, assuming transaction is sent immediately when you place it on the exchange:

The transaction should show up on the block chain in about 2 minutes (monero block time)

It will appear as part of your balance, but not your unlocked balance until the transaction is 10 confirmations deep I believe.

So given those stipulations, the quickest you'd be able to move your monero from the web wallet would be 20 minutes from when you sent the monero from the exchange.

As a general real world answer, I'd say you should be able to spend your funds about 30 minutes after making a transaction.

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