I asked this of keepkey about a year ago and I only have gotten a standard response saying they are evaluating the support of alts. Is anyone aware of progress made to support Monero?

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This was discussed in the dev meeting held on 2016-08-28:

fluffypony: NoodleDoodle: do you want to talk about Trezor at all?

NoodleDoodle: Sure :P

fluffypony: yay, take it away

NoodleDoodle: I'm about 1296 behind in commits. Rebasing is pretty much out of the question. Have to manually merge then release.

fluffypony: NoodleDoodle: do you want any help with that?

NoodleDoodle: The trezor firmware itself should be easier, except it's split into 5 or 6 repos

fluffypony: ok cool

NoodleDoodle: I should be able to do it.

fluffypony: NoodleDoodle: do you want us to host it on the monero-project Github in its own repo, obvs giving you collab access, to make it more "formal" and part of the core project?

NoodleDoodle: Sure, anything. I actually started on keepkey awhile back as well, although it's not as complete as trezor.

fluffypony: ok cool

fluffypony: I've been fiddling with Ledger Blue, as I have the Blue and the Nano S

fluffypony: I have a feeling they'll be a cinch after Trezor / Keepkey

fluffypony: and, hopefully, we can PR it in to be part of the default firmware on these devices

fluffypony: if they'll have us


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