I'm trying to make a liveUSB so people can play with the Monero Core GUI, but I don't want them to download the whole testnet blockchain first just to try it out.

Maybe something like...

monero-core --daemon-address arg

  • As this is an old thread, i made a new reddit post with up to date commands here May 16, 2018 at 8:57

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You can create your own testnet by running two local nodes, and run a miner locally that mines on the local node blockchain. It has been covered in a reddit thread here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Monero/comments/3x5qwo/how_do_i_make_my_own_testnet_network_with_eg_two/


/opt/bitmonero/bitmonerod --testnet --testnet-p2p-bind-port 38080 --no-igd --hide-my-port --testnet-data-dir ~/.bitmonero-node2 --p2p-bind-ip --add-exclusive-node


/opt/bitmonero/simplewallet --testnet --daemon-port 28081

Then go into the bitmonero node and start mining with the command:

start_mining <your_testnet_address>

I tested them out myself, and the above commands work no problem on a a low powered machine, you'll have your own testnet in less than a minute.

There is also another set of instructions here, https://moneroexamples.github.io/private-testnet/ , they are far more comprehensive, and a bit much to include here, but the above commands work and establishes the absolute basics.


As this is an old thread, and the monerod commands have evolve in two years, here's the updated how to:

From your working directory, launch the first daemon:

monerod --testnet --no-igd --hide-my-port --data-dir ~/.bitmonero-node1 --p2p-bind-ip --add-exclusive-node

Then launch the second daemon:

monerod --testnet --p2p-bind-port 38080 --rpc-bind-port 38081 --zmq-rpc-bind-port 38082 --no-igd --hide-my-port --data-dir ~/.bitmonero-node2 --p2p-bind-ip --add-exclusive-node

Those two daemon will be mutually connected.

Launch your favorite monero-wallet-XXX and create a new testnet wallet connected to or 38081
Ensure that your wallet has a starting height of 0 Start mining on one of the two daemon to the public address you created with this wallet.

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