Whenever I proceed according to these instructions: https://getmonero.org/knowledge-base/user-guides/restore_account

And type: simplewallet –restore-deterministic-wallet

It just returns:

-bash: simplewallet: command not found

Are there any formatting mistakes that I am making that are causing this error?

  • Either compile simplewallet, copy it onto your computer, or give path to it if it is. It seems to not be found in your PATH.
    – user36303
    Sep 2, 2016 at 21:27

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Elaborating on user36303's post … Adding the directory location, where Monero's binaries reside, to your PATH variable, is just as simple as adding a line such a the following to the end of the .profile file in your home directory (in the below example, the Monero directory is /opt/monero).


This will avoid the command not found error. Next, you can check if the PATH edit works properly:

mac:~ dpzz$ which simplewallet

It's a formatting issue with the website. The correct command is indeed ./simplewallet --restore-deterministic-wallet. Note that flags always start with -- and not . Thus, if you ever encounter that again in a guide, ignore it and use --.


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