I have a fast 120GB SSD and several other larger hard drives. The hard drives are extremely slow to sync to, so I want to use my SSD to sync, however, because of system files which cannot be moved (I already had to reinstall my OS because of doing so unsafely to try and eek out those last few gigabytes) I don't have enough space for the whole 65ish GB of the pruned blockchain (as of april '24).

Ideally, I would like to know how to start monerod to only synchronize from a specific block height and then simply combne the two databases. Another solution I thought of would be that monerod would read from a slow drive but write to the fast SSD. I already have around 90% synced, but the single filesize is just too large, is there any way to actually do this, or should I just wait the "1 month" time monerod predicts when read from a USB stick?


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