I only want to use monero-wallet-cli on the same machine as monerod. I build my full node on Debian Desktop by running:

  git clone --recursive https://github.com/monero-project/monero
  cd "monero"
  git checkout master
  make -Wno-dev

1. Do I need to build monero-blockchain-ancestry monero-blockchain-prune-known-spent-data monero-blockchain-depth monero-blockchain-stats monero-blockchain-export monero-blockchain-usage monero-blockchain-import monero-gen-ssl-cert monero-blockchain-mark-spent-outputs monero-gen-trusted-multisig monero-blockchain-prune monero-wallet-rpc for that purpose?

2. Are there flags and parameters that I could pass to in order to save on CPU and storage by not building any of the binaries listed above? Which of the binaries above is a GUI wallet (I would rather delete it)?

3. Where can I read more on each of the binary listed above?

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  1. Building with the above command builds all these programs. I'm not sure how to only build monerod.

  2. The Monero GUI wallet is not available the monero repo. You need to build the GUI from the different repo https://github.com/monero-project/monero-gui

  3. You can read about many of these programs on https://getmonero.dev/docs/interacting/overview.html

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