I want to accept Monero payments on my website with an optional escrow. I can't rely on third-party providers so I have to implement everything myself.

From what I already understand I'd have to run a minimalistic monero-node on my webserver. Using that minimalistic node I can verify payments and transactions between users.

But I have a question about how I would implement the escrow.

  • First I'd have to make a new Monero address which will hold the escrow, right?
  • Do I need to run a wallet for this address including the whole blockchain? Or is it enough that the address just 'exists'?
  • I currently assume I can automate everything by just making calls to the minimalistic Monero node without the need to run a wallet on my server.


  1. When a user makes a purchase I provide the address of the escrow instead of the address of the seller.
  2. I save the amount of the order in the database together with the id of the buyer and seller.
  3. When the escrow is successful I just make a call to the Monero node to transfer the amount of the order from my escrow-address to the address of the seller.
  4. If the escrow is unsuccessful I do the same but then back to the address of the buyer.

Are these steps correct?


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