Recently I am working on monero source code, and I wonder how monero verify ed25519 public key is invalid. Is this function converting the public key into Y coordinates, then calculating the X coordinates, and verifying whether the coordinate points are on the elliptic curve? I was confused about the converting process. And also, does any Y coordinates have a corresponding X coordinates? Why this verify process will be failed if public key is invalid? Thanks so much! ge_frombytes_vartime is here.

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Monero's crypto_verify_ed25519 checks validity through deriving and comparing public keys with messages and signatures without requiring x-y coordinates.

  • Sorry maybe my question is not clear. What I want to know is how monero checks whether a ed25519 public key is valid, not a signature. And I found the function ge_frombytes_vartime during the check process. It seems to check whether the (x,y) is on the ed25519 curve or not. But I'm not sure.
    – Harry
    Commented Jan 22 at 13:26
  • And I can't find crypto_verify_ed25519 you mentioned. Is it a function name or file name?
    – Harry
    Commented Jan 22 at 13:28

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