I need(ed) to generate wallet addresses and being new to working with cryptocurrencies, the initial research I did about how to generate wallets (via the official documentation) told me that running a full node was a way to do it.

So I downloaded the package from getmonero.org and fired it up ( ./monerod via the command line), it started sync but was ungodly slow (I just wanted to experiment and get familiar with everything).

After spending multiple days in a coffeeshop waiting on the sync to complete, I decided to search for ways to speed up the initial sync of the blockchain.

It suggested using wget to directly download blockchain.raw file and then import it, so I did.

The peer to peer sync had managed to download about 80% of the blockchain previous to this but it just kept getting slower and slower and was driving me crazy.

I have an SSD, plenty of memory, CPU and GPU, and I had checked the internet speed of the coffeeshop (over 250 Mbps, and not many users) and so those were not the issue.

Since then I have bought a hardware wallet that I can use to generate wallet addresses, and found software that seems to let me generate wallets (and I'm now in the process of installing the full node on a dedicated machine) so I'm not in need of a solution to this, just explaining the situation...I had no idea that installing it on my laptop just so I could get familiar with it would be such an ordeal.

Anyway, when I download the blockchain it only downloaded about 90%. I assumed it was incomplete and that my download had been interrupted so I downloaded it again (I'm pretty certain that downloading it directly is faster than P2P sync for me, because I can download "all" of it, which is about 90% in 6 hours, whereas it took me about 10-15 hours to sync to 80%).

Between everything, I have downloaded it 3 different times now so this isn't a fluke.

Anyway, the direct download for import gets about 90% of the blockchain and that's it. The file has a timestamp of Feb 7, 2022 at 6:04am, which is nearly 2 years ago.

Simply put, what gives?

Obviously the people that have uploaded the file to their server for download haven't updated it, but is there some reason why not?

At this point, I have been sitting here in the coffeeshop working (with it syncing as I do other things) for 5 additional hours today and I'm up to 93% (so less than 3% took over 5 hours).

It does seem to get slower and slower as I sync more of it (which is aggravating when you are trying to calculate how long it takes and the first day of syncing I was able download 10% in under an hour so at that rate, I figured I'd be done by the end of the day, then on day 2 or 3, I was able to sync 7% in 3:45), is that true for everyone? Is it really slower as it gets closer to the end of the sync?

It is not a bandwidth limit in the coffeeshop, the same things happens in a bar where I work when I've had too much coffee, and thinking might be a bandwidth regulating router I even installed a program that lets me spoof my MAC address and it didn't help at all.


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